Pretty me Swimwear

The pretty me swimwear collections follow the versatile and playful character of the summer season. Featuring the carefree flair of beach life, the line adopts kaleidoscopic & geometric patterns, merging modern and vintage styles for the contemporary woman who wants comfort and style in beachwear fashion. The tops can be easily matched with various bottoms giving way to a different look under the sun engaging thus to the luscious and voluptuous Mediterranean summer style. Our design team trots the globe each season to provide the line with imaginary patterns and technical specs that won’t compromise quality offering thus a collection in reasonable pricing and keeping the promise that having just one bikini is just not enough!

Mixing and matching styles and patterns is becoming the core of each Pretty me collection, inspired by the contemporary water nymphs. Each style is named after a water nymph aspiring to the Greek mythology, and the ethereal nature they represent. The patterns are both animal and geometrical, the colours adapt to monochromatic and tropical combinations allowing for the personalization and distinct identity of the pretty me girl.

The Pretty me girl

Bohemian, playful and carefree the pretty me girl does not wish to compromise under the sun and into the sea.  Sporting her own unique beachwear style she is daring so as to combine patterns and colours to mark her own identity. Aspiring to the crochet beaches  and the bright sky of the Mediterranean and its luscious summer life style, being naturally outgoing and life devouring, she fashions her beachwear look in a manner of simplicity, natural flair and authenticity. Ethereal and carefree the pretty me girl lives carrying an endless summer in her heart and her smile.

The e-store

Following the pretty me flagship collection
provides the contemporary woman with clothing, accessories and lingerie collections that blend with the bohemian and feminine flair of the pretty me swimwear line.

The Pretty me brand expands with a feminine and easy to wear lingerie line, providing textures, colours and fits that follow quality specs, uncompromising fitting and contemporary underwear design.  The clothing collections introduce easy to wear apparel inspired by the carefree and feminine style of Mediterranean island life, made of easy to fit, light textures and bright colours and patterns.

In addition, the e-shop introduces a selection of kaftans, tunics and beachwear as well as an accessory line of purses, beach bags, pouches, beach towels and fine jewelry complementing the pretty me girl’s summer look.